IB Revija

IB Revija was a technical journal with a long tradition – it was published between 1966 and 2020. Papers published in IB Revija focused on methodological, empirical and theoretical analysis of development issues from various aspects: macroeconomic and microeconomic, social, environmental and spatial at the national and regional levels.

The journal presented topical problems of the Slovenian society and its development. IB Revija was not a specialised economic journal – it included contributions by sociology, law and geography experts. It was a forum for discussion about development issues with an interdisciplinary approach, thus filling the gap in the Slovenian professional sphere where more narrowly specialised journals predominate. The journal was published several times a year and mainly featured papers in Slovenian, occasionally also in English. The journal was included in e-JEL and EconLit.

Editor: Alenka Kajzer

The contents of the papers may be reproduced in whole or in part provided that the source is acknowledged. Authorship should be attributed to the author and not to IMAD.