Conference: Managing Macroeconomic Imbalances

Slovenia, Ljubljana, Hotel Slon, 19 June 2012

With increased public borrowing in tighter financial market conditions, medium-term fiscal consolidation has come to the forefront of the economic policy agenda in the EU and Slovenia. Developing effective measures to deal with labour market issues during the period of fiscal consolidation, and meeting the Europe 2020 strategy targets are thus becoming the main challenges of economic policy.

Economic Issues



Section 1: Paths to fiscal consolidation and movements in the Slovenian financial system

Maja Bednaš (IMAD)

Marjan Hafner (IMAD)

Mitja Košmrl (EC)

Rafal Kierzenkowski (OECD)

Section 2: Measures to promote employment and reduce labour market segmentation

Alenka Kajzer (IMAD)

Klara Stovicek (EC)

Peter Pogačar (Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs)

Milan Vodopivec (FM)

Baudouin Regout (BEPA, EC)